Sarah Quinney is the founder & CEO of The E-Commerce Business Coach. She has, and also helps E-commerce Business owners all over the world build and scale 6 + 7 figure businesses from scratch.

Hi, I’m Sarah and I have an immense passion for helping my clients build successful e-commerce brands. Through the success of my own brands, I had friends and colleagues asking me for help with their E-Commerce businesses. With my help the results started rolling in, I knew that I had the key to what it takes to make a successful and profitable online brand and I loved working with them – it gives me great joy to see other people succeed as I was.

In 6 years, I have built 3 x leading 6 figure brands, (Sold one for 6 figures) and I’m about to launch my 4th E-Commerce Brand all from the ground up all while being a mum, supporting a young family.

I teach my clients cutting-edge e-commerce and marketing techniques that really work…I give you the technical support AND the mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your business.

What makes me different from other coaches?

  • CEO of Boardsox  leading surf and independent surf brand.

  • Founder of Australia’s no1 Raw Food Store from zero funds from the ground up turned over 7 figures and sold it for 6 figures all in under two years.

  • 6 Figure Blogger at Raw Food Mum – Over 60,000 followers. No 1 raw food and health website. Speaker, online programs, and helping mums from around the world.

  • Author of the best selling book, Raw Food 4 Kids – distributed in major health food stores across Australia, exceeding 6 figures in sales!

  • I have been featured and published in major newspapers including The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, Vegan Magazine and so many much more

  • Since launch The E-Commerce Business Coach I have served clients from all over the world – please visit here for some of my client’s testimonials

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