Growing your business gets a lot easier when you don’t have to do it alone.


I have created the E-Hub as a place for customers because I saw a lot Facebook groups close or loose momentum after some time as people join and quickly forget about it, or people join and spam the page, or people join and try and extract all the free information they can possibly can from the group leader. After examining these business models, and ones where people pay a small amount for the exchange; the one thing that stood out was the level of exchange is of a much higher quality and the founder commits to sharing information with the group,  it also becomes the first place that its members turn to, to solve their problems ask for support. There is no spamming, there are no free-riders, there are just genuine business owners looking for a support group so they can continue to their path of business success.

  • You need a close mastermind group of people who are genuinely interested in your success.
  • You’re tired of going to Pinterest and Google for answers to your questions.
  • You wish you could peek behind the scenes of other E-Commerce businesses and learn from their strategies, successes and failures.
  • You wish you had a close group of E-Commerce friends who could reassure you you’re doing things right, or correct you if you’re not.
  • You need a mentor and a support group; a place where you can seek help on your mission to creating a successful E-Commerce or Product based Business
  • Every Tuesday Sarah has a Q&A for her members where members can ask for advice or solutions for problems they might be stuck on.  It is the 1:1 to interact with Sarah and her expertise so you can spend time on your business faster!

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Who is the E-Hub for?

The E-Hub is for E-Commerce Business and Product Owners. Business Owners of all levels will benefit – whether you’re starting out or have been in business for years!

What will you get access to?

As soon as you join the club you’ll get access to a secret facebook group that is filled with amazingly successful E-Commerce Business Owners, and myself who are there to offer advice or help when need it. It is a community of support and inspiration to help you in your business.

What makes The E-Hub Facebook group different to free Facebook groups?

Most free Facebook groups are filled with thousands of members; it can be hard to be heard or even get the advice that you’re after.

The E-Hub Facebook group is small and close. We’re are an E-Commerce Community! We promote each other, help each other out of sticky situations, and celebrate big and small wins with each other.

Can’t I learn this stuff from blogs and Free Facebook Groups?

Sure, you can go through people’s blogs in search of advice that will help you level-up your freelance business, but you’ll get ALL of that advice in one place if you join the E-Hub.

Are there longer subscription options?

Absolutely! You can purchase a Monthly 3, or 12-month subscription at a discounted rates.

What will happen after I sign up?

You’ll get access to the E-Hub within 24-48 Hours. You will be asked to introduce yourself and your business

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, absolutely!