Growing your business gets a lot easier when you don’t
have to do it alone.

The E-Hub is for E-Commerce Business and Product Owners. Business Owners of all levels will benefit – whether you’re starting out or have been in business for years!

  • You need a close mastermind group of people who are genuinely interested in your success.
  • You’re tired of going to Pinterest and Google for answers to your questions.
  • You wish you could peek behind the scenes of other E-Commerce businesses and learn from their strategies, successes and failures.
  • You wish you had a close group of E-Commerce friends who could reassure you you’re doing things right, or correct you if you’re not.
  • You need a mentor and a support group; a place where you can seek help on your mission to creating a successful E-Commerce or Product based Business
  • Every Tuesday Sarah has a Q&A for her members where members can ask for advice or solutions for problems they might be stuck on.  It is the 1:1 to interact with Sarah and her expertise so you can spend time on your business faster!

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