What My Beautiful Clients have to say

  • After trying to work out how to increase the sales in my online shop on my own for some time, I decided it was time to book an appointment with Sarah to have someone who has done it successfully before teach me what to do.

    Sarah suggested a new Shopify website and gave me enough information to build it myself which saved thousands, and only took me a few weeks. The end result is that my business is up 100% and I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend her for e-commerce businesses. Thanks so much Sarah.

    Lisa Munro Happy Tummies
  • Before I started The E-Commerce Business Owners Mastermind I was really struggling with what to do to get my business up and running. I had an idea, but I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start

    Within 2 months I now have a website and products to sell! Within the first month of working with Sarah I had my first products ready to sell and my website up and running and all the logistical pieces in place. Three months in and I'm steadily building my website visitors, email list and social media following and I've started making sales.

    The great thing about working with Sarah is that I found myself veering from my direction and vision for my business and with her support I have been able to course correct really quickly rather than spending months or longer heading in the wrong direction.

    Sarah is truly committed to the success of her clients. She cares deeply about the businesses of the people in the Mastermind. Her years of experience in eCommerce has really helped me understand this industry quickly and I'm sure has saved me more than the investment in the program in mistakes I would have made had I have not had her support. She's also very down to earth and realistic about what it takes to make this type of business work, which is refreshing when all I saw prior to finding Sarah was get-rich-quick dropshipping courses!

    I would definitely recommend the Mastermind to anyone who is serious about starting or growing their eCommerce business. You get the experience of Sarah to help you, but also get an opportunity to learn from what others are doing and what is working in other businesses and industries.

    Jessica Ambrose Create That Cake
  • Sarah's knowledge of all things social media, the market place, building online businesses and nailing who your customer really is is, is so reassuring. Sarah helped me get clear on my business plan and vision and most importantly she helped me see myself through all the external noise of building an online business.

    Sarah is brilliant at what she does and I highly recommend working with her to help you reach your business goals.

    Hannah Miles Nourish To Health
  • When I needed some advice for setting up my new business, Sarah was the first person I thought of.

    Her genuine interest in and passion for seeing her clients succeed is second to none. Her generosity, professionalism and wealth of experience makes her such a wonderful mentor and advisor.

    I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone needing any help setting up their business, developing their website , which is such a crucial element to a successful business or simply to bounce some ideas around with.

    There is no wonder why she has been such a success in her own ventures, business and life in general!

    Rebecca Winkler Great Ocean Road Wholefoods
  • “I was completely stuck with my business partner in creating a logical sales funnel for the products we had created. It was holding us back, and we were getting frustrated as we just wanted to feel like we were continually moving forward You were amazing!

    We can’t believe how easy it was for you to see the whole picture so clearly and to map our something during a coaching session, when we had labored over it for 2 weeks.

    We didn’t even think about the fact that simply creating two sales funnels instead of one, would provide the flexibility and adaptability we required. You’re a true gem Sarah.

    The success you’ve had in your own previous businesses, the ease of working with you plus all the education and knowledge you have armed yourself with means you are one heck of a coach who we can trust has our best interest at heart.

    Brenda Janschek Brenda Janschek - Health and Lifestyle
  • Before starting with Sarah i had an idea of how I wanted my business to look but no idea how to get there. I was also pretty clear on the way I wanted to establish my brand but once again it seemed insurmountable without spending a fortune. After my first strategy session with Sarah i knew i'd made the right decision as we knocked down each barrier one by one.

    I'm now across a whole range of areas in my business from facebook ads through to properly knowing my numbers that Sarah has helped me de-mystify. Whatever needs working on Sarah has helped me with which has been such a great way to learn the ropes.  

    As a result of Sarahs guidance launching 4 months ago I have tripled my sales target in the last 3 months!

    The best thing i would say is that Sarah was like working with an old friend. Nothing was a problem and if i wanted to change gears and work on something off topic there was never an issue at all. She was also amazingly patient as my computer skills aren't amazing but no matter what the question nothing was too simple to walk me through and solve.

    Johnny Leary Brookfield Poultry Equipment
  • Before I started with Sarah I was struggling with basically everything on my e-commerce business. My website was a mess and I had no clear messaging. My Facebook ads weren't converting into sales and nothing was happening. I had worked with a different coach prior to meeting Sarah, and that was a waste of my money. I wished I had found Sarah sooner because she helped me so much. Sarah shared so much valuable information and really had clear, concise goals for me to work toward. My business is still in the launch stage, but it now is clearer what we are and what are product is. Before meeting Sarah, it was a mess.

    Two changes that I've recognized since joining Sarah's group are that I now have a much cleaner and clearer messaging on my website. My branding and marketing materials now are consistent and recognizable. I'm no longer just throwing ads up and seeing what works.  It's really helped. 

    Working with Sarah has been a true pleasure. She's very, very knowledgeable and really knows the e-commerce business.

    I wished I had met her sooner! She also gives you clear goals to strive to reach along with the methodology to reach those goals. Sarah went above and beyond with her coaching and I highly recommend her.

    Sarah would be the first person I recommend. She is personable, knowledgeable and will give you the tools you need to turn around your e-commerce business. If you're struggling with your e-commerce business, Sarah is the one you need in your corner.

    Theresa Key Whisenand BOHEMIAN COFFEE CLUB - All things Coffee
  • I starting working with Sarah when I had the idea to create a community page and online store around local products. Her experience is what set her apart, and I have now got my website up and getting ready to build my store. It's really wonderful to be able to get support from like someone who has done it all before and able to fast track my success! Thank you so much!

    Michelle Brayshaw Gippy Kids
  • Sarah Quinney was the website developer for our charity fundraising project, Aussie Wellness Women. She delivered a beautiful, functional website with a very quick turnaround. Sarah is very professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.The whole process was easy and effortless. We are so thrilled with Sarah's work that we would highly recommend her to anyone. xx

    Sonia Donaldson Aussie Women Wellness