YOUR E-COMMERCE SUCCESS  Formula for Developing + Selling Products Online!
without the overwhelm and confusion and ever having to buy another
get quick rich dropshipping course again!
I Used to Create 3 x 6 Figure "Brands"
The E-commerce formula includes 8 MODULES with detailed training videos  + WORKBOOKS ALL designed to START AND SCALE
ACCESS  20 YEARS-WORTH OF MY PROFESSIONAL MARKETING AND RETAIL MANAGMENT EXPERIENCE. Includes the latest, AND PROVEN METHODS, E-COMMERCE training, videos, Over 50 workbooks all housed in a private members-only site.
  •  Build and scale and E-Commerce business that is profitable..not just an expensive hobby.
  • Learn from a coach who has actual runs on the board, has built 3 x 6 figure brands, so that you can be the owner of a thriving business with ever increasing profits.
  •  Learn an E-Commerce formula that generates consistent sales,  so you don't worry where your next pay cheque is coming from
  •  Fast track your knowledge that often take years for online store owners to achieve
  •  Skip the tough lessons and pain of figuring it out by yourself.
  •  Learn the latest E-Commerce strategies from one person that has proven that they work, creating profit again and again to remove the confusion and overwhelm.
  •   Want to do what you love and create a business around your lifestyle, that actually makes and income.

"There’s no other formula that gives you the foundations as well as they latest strategies you need to know to start and grow a brand fast. 
"With a business coach who has built 3 x 6-figure brands from scratch". 
  •  6 x E-Commerce Specific Learning Modules
  •  2 x Bonus Learning Modules
  •  Full 8-week course
  •  50+ done for your templates and worksheets
  •   6 months access to E-Hub Learning Centre
  •  6 Group Coaching Calls\
  •  Access to your private E-Commerce Facebook Group
The complete A-Z Blueprint for starting and scaling your online store including:
Developing a successful E-Commerce Brand

We’re going to get clear on one of the most important aspects of your e-Commerce Business and that is developing your brand, its voice and who your customer really is. It separates brands that stand out and attract buyers. This work is the foundation to a successful online business.  Developing and creating a brand is THE most important element of any business. How can expect the walls to stay up right and roof on if you havent built the foundations properly
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Building your E-Commerce Brand
  • Your Unique Brand Offering 
  •  Developing Your Brands voice and story
  •  Developing customer personas
The E-Commerce Website Formula

This is one most important aspects of your e-Commerce Business and that is your website. This is the foundation to creating a seamless experience for your customer. It is where your brand communicates to your customer. Getting your website right can be the difference in sales or no sales. 
If you have an established business. Getting your platform, design and functionality right is one of the most important elements of any online store, it affects your brand and your conversion rates at checkout - its that simple.
  •  Starting your online store What you need to know
  •  Choosing the right platform for your store
  •  Shopify versus Big Commerce 
  •  Website theme resources
  •  The essential architecture for developing your online store

  •  The must have elements on your E-Commerce Store 
  •  SEO and Tracking Metrics 
  •  Your ultimate E-Commerce workbook
Marketing and Communication For E-Commerce

Marketing and Communication are the cornerstones that any brand must put effort into. It ensures that your brand will consistently stand out from the crowd.  It creates a CULT-ure for your brand and is how you keep people engaged and loyal.

Learn how to create, optimize, and market engaging content in order to build, scale and grow your business - these are the steps I have personally used to create 3 x brands that stand out, attract influencers, buyers and fans with a lasting impact and consistent sales.
  • Content marketing 
  •  Developing a traffic a plan
  •  Social media marketing
  •  Email marketing and communication 
  •  The importance of imagery 
and video
  •  Product descriptions that sell
  •  Nurture/Onboarding email sequences
  •  The E-Commerce marketing signup sequence
  •  The makeup of an E-Commerce newsletter 
Sales and Conversion Strategies that generate Income

This is where times are changing and you still need to learn the latest funnel, chat bot and sales strategies. This is the keeping up with techiniology part of sales. And it is also is about earnings people’s trust, removing frictions from your landing page, engaging with potential customers and more.

By combining different e-commerce conversion optimization techniques, you can double or even triple your sales with and without new traffic. It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.
  •  Sales Funnels for e-commerce an introduction
  •  Landing pages and product sales pages 
  •  The Facebook sales funnel 
  •  The content marketing funnel 
  •  Retargeting 
  •  Win back campaigns 
  •  Sales and discounts
Membership and Loyalty Programs

After one purchase a customer has a 27% chance of returning to your store. However, if you can get that customer to come back and make a second and third purchase they have a 54% chance of making another purchase.
You will be learning the membership and Loyalty program models that keep your current customers enagaged and turn them into raging fans.

  • Importance of customer loyalty
  • The power of word-of-mouth of a loyal customer
  • Repeat and Loyal Customers = profitabilty
  •  Membership Models  
Facebook Ads for E-commerce that Convert

There's been a big change in how we sell products online, and to be in business means you need the latest information on what actually works. In Module 2, we roll-up our sleeves and get to work.

Through a series of screen cast videos, I’m walking you step-by-step through the process of now using Facebook and the Facebook Pixel to create ad campaigns on Facebook that convert, specifically for e-commerce businesses!
  •  Facebook ad foundations – Setting up ads that convert
  •  The complete guide to installing the facebook pixel

  •  How to create custom conversions
  •  Creating custom audiences
  •  What metrics to track
  •  Dynamic ads and examples

Social proof is one of the most important and one of the biggest deciding factors of purchasing for the online customer. Ensuring you have the latest strategies, apps and tools to capture your customer's reviews is essential and you're going to learn how to use and optimise these tool to generate more social proof and more sales.
  •   Framework for Communication
  •   Apps for generating Social proof 
  •  Affiliate and Network relationships

Reducing your cart abandonment could mean thousands being injected back into your business. In this module, we're going to look at the key reasons for customer cart abandonment, Tools and solutions for monitoring and minimizing cart abandonment. You will also get your very own Revenue Calculator so you can work out how much money can be regained into your busines at any time.
  •  Win Back Campaigns Swipe Files
  •  Framework for Communication
  •  Apps for generating Social proof
#BONUS MODULE - Swipe Files + Resources

Fast track  the development of your e-commerce business with swipe and downloadable files ready for you to use.

Included is a list of resources to Websites and Apps that can save you time, money and thousands in set up fees.
  •  Website legal requirements, T+C's, FAQS
  •  Shipping companies
  •  Packaging resources 
  •  Website resources
  •  Leading tools + Apps
  •  Save on E-Commerce services + apps
  •  Exclusive LIVE Monthly Group Coaching 
  •  6 x E-Commerce Modules - Weekly workbooks with templates, worksheets and checklists 
  •  4 Bonus modules + Facebook Ads Training
  •  Over 30 workbooks and lessons focused on teaching you how to make more sales and more profit. Learn with the group or at your own time so you can go back and review it as often as you like, access via computer, tablet, and phone. 
  •  Your E-Commerce Community. The E-Commerce Community of high-growth entrepreneurs like yourself who will inspire & support you on an unprecedented level. This is your support hub, browse, ask questions, watch videos, and support each other in growing your empires! 

I have an immense passion for building online businesses. In under 6 years, I have created 3 leading E-Commerce brands, all from the ground up with zero funds and while starting, growing and supporting a young family.

With this success, I had friends and colleagues asking me for help with their online stores. Soon the results started speaking for themselves and I knew that I had THE KEY in my hands.  

I now help clients from all over the world achieve this same success with the exact formula I used to build leading and very profitable
E-Commerce brands 
  • I created the Raw Food Mum with a mere $2000. 
  •  It is now the no1 site for raw food and children, with 50,000 fans from around the world, held major online raw food challenges with thousands.
  •  I have been published in major newspapers including The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, Vegan Magazine and much more
  •  Published The Best Selling Book, Raw Food 4 Kids - distributed in major health food stores across Australia, exceeding 6 figures in sales!  
  • Built Australia’s no1 and Biggest Raw Food Store from zero funds from the ground up and sold it for 6 figures all in under two years.
  •  I’m about to launch my 4th E-Commerce Brand in the Surf industry - from prototype, to offshore manfacturing - launching October 2017.

My mission as an E-Commerce Business Coach is to help you build and create a brand that
is profitable and aligned with your passion for financial longevity.

So let's get cracking and make your dreams a reality.

After trying to work out how to increase the sales in my online shop on my own for some time, I decided it was time to book an appointment with Sarah to have someone who has done it successfully before teach me what to do. Sarah suggested a new Shopify website and gave me enough information to build it myself which saved thousands, and only took me a few weeks. The end result is that my business is up 100% and I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend her for e-commerce businesses. Thanks so much Sarah.

Lisa Munro
Happy Tummies
When I needed some advice for setting up my new business, Sarah was the first person I thought of. Her genuine interest in and passion for seeing her clients succeed is second to none. Her generosity, professionalism and wealth of experience makes her such a wonderful mentor and advisor. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone needing any help setting up their business, developing their website , which is such a crucial element to a successful business or simply to bounce some ideas around with. There is no wonder why she has been such a success in her own ventures, business and life in general!

Rebecca Winkler
Great Ocean Road Wholefoods
“I was completely stuck with my business partner in creating a logical sales funnel for the products we had created. It was holding us back, and we were getting frustrated as we just wanted to feel like we were continually moving forward You were amazing! We can’t believe how easy it was for you to see the whole picture so clearly and to map our something during a coaching session, when we had labored over it for 2 weeks. We didn’t even think about the fact that simply creating two sales funnels instead of one, would provide the flexibility and adaptability we required. You’re a true gem Sarah. The success you’ve had in your own previous businesses, the ease of working with you plus all the education and knowledge you have armed yourself with means you are one heck of a coach who we can trust has our best interest at heart.

Brenda Janschek
Brenda Janschek - Health and Lifestyle
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As soon as you register you'll be sent to the members only website and you'll be invited to create your login and access our exclusive Facebook group to meet fellow students and start to get to know one another. 

When do I get the course materials
Modules are delivered each week. Trust in the prcoess that by following the framework the learnings will allow you time to implement the strategies.

 How long will I have access to the Program
You will have 12 month access to The Success Formula and 12 months Access to the Facebook Group
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Do you offer refunds
Because of the nature of the program and access to digital content, there are NO refunds. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email

 Who Is The E-Commerce Formula For?
The E-Commerce Forumla is for online, product and retail business owners who are wanting to start or scale their business to create a profitable and successful online business.

 I just started my business should I enroll in the Program
Yes, this program will provide all the information and tools you need to build your business! Even if you only have a business idea, this program will be perfect for you.

 How is this program different from other programs?
The content of this program was developed from my own journey of running an E-Commerce business. It’s designed to fast track your learning experiences so you too can have your business up and creating sales and profit quickly.

 Is 1:1 Coaching provided in this course?
Yes a monthly group zoom call is included as part of the program, this call goes for 60-90 minutes.   If you are looking for more tailored 1:1 coaching I recommend The E-Commerce Business Mastermind Program which also includes access to this formula.
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