Do you have an E-Commerce or Product based business and you’re currently lacking in sales? Or are you confused with all the different selling and advertising strategies that you have reached a point where you simply need an expert to step in and help? Or, is it your dream to start an online store but are either lost on where to start or you want to fast track your business growth.

Make the switch from being an online seller to a leading E-Commerce Brand with E-Commerce Business Coaching with Sarah

Through my coaching programs, I help e-commerce and product business owners leverage their strengths in a way that allows them to build and scale their online business. My mission is to help E-Commerce and product based build and create an online business that is profitable and aligned with their passion for long-term success.

With over 20 years experience in marketing and retail management as well as design, I have built three successful and very popular brands with a following of over 50k fans alone on Facebook.  I have been a successful author, blogger and E-Commerce Business owner, turning over 6 figures.  I am now in the process of designing and manufacturing my own products.

I became an E-Commerce Business Coach because friends and colleagues started asking for help with their online stores. After seeing the results they achieved from my advice, I knew that I had THE KEY to help my clients achieve the sales and success and switch from becoming online sellers to Leading and very profitable Brands, and that continues today!


 Build a PROFITABLE E-Commerce brand that attracts customers in DAYS and who are ready to purchase from YOU!

  • Transition your PASSION to a fully fledged PROFITABLE online store
  • You currently have an E-Commerce Store and you’re at the stage where you are ready to SCALE your sales and profit margins – take it to the next level start making 6 FIGURES
  • You have a dream to CREATE A PRODUCT but you have no idea how to create it, get it to market and sell it
  • You are looking for guidance from a coach who has the runs on the board and is currently walking the talk with you, that can SHOW you HOW to make your dream a reality!
  • I would love to speak to you about your passion, your ideas, your business goals and be able to offer you the support and personal know how and guidance you need to get you there!

 What Does a 1:1 6 Months Coaching package look like?

  • A 2 hr Start up Strategy Session to ensure that we spend the next 6 months working on strategic goals and outcomes and what you want to achieve in your business

  • 12  x 60 mins private 1:1 coaching sessions that keep you accountable to the goals we have set

  • Additional resource including access to The E-Commerce Business Owners Formula and any new digital programs that are launched

  • Email support throughout the entire 6 months so you can ask any question between our sessions

  • Access to my private Client Only, E-Commerce Business only Facebook Hub, with a community of E-Commerce Business owners for you to seek support, a community, networking and to inspire and support you!


Making money and increasing your sales doesn’t have to be a struggle. Think of it as a decision. You just need to get guidance so you can gain the knowledge and confidence to make it happen. I  show you the EXACT steps you need to follow in order to fast-track your business to the next level!

A little over 8 years ago, I was taking the leap from the world of corporate marketing and communications to the unknown territory of starting my first online business, sure I had years of experience in being employed in retail and marketing management, but this was it! This was the leap!

8 years on and I have built 3 amazing 6 figure brands from the ground up! I have built one of the biggest Raw Food Blogs –  The Raw Food Mum to a  following of  50,000 fans with programs involving over 5000 raw foodies.  Self Published a Best Selling Book, Raw Food 4 Kids, distributed in health and bookstores across Australia, exceeding 6 figures in sales. Built Australia’s Largest Raw Food Store from scratch, I mean literally nothing to the ground up and sold it for 6 figures in under two years! I am about to launch a new product in the Surf Industry! You will be the first to know when it’s Launch day! until then it is top secret!

The biggest thing that you CAN DO to create change and growth in your business is to INVEST IN YOURSELF!

If you have been selling online and struggling to increase your revenue and move products, you can either continue or switch over to a new way of selling brands online – The best bit is I show you how you can make that switch NOW!