7 Tips to Create the Best TikTok Ads for E-Commerce

With more than 1 billion active users, TikTok provides an entirely new platform with untapped audience potential for businesses. Using the TikTok Ads Manager, you can target your specific desired audience within a wide range of users on this social media platform. Form a strong TikTok ads strategy for e-commerce marketing using my tips below:

7 tips to create TikTok ads for e-commerce

Create a budget

Before you start putting together content for your TikTok ads, you need a budget of what you are willing to spend. Using the TikTok ads manager you will be able to set your budget and determine if you want it to be spent over a timeframe such as a day or a week. There is also an express option that will spend your budget as quickly as possible. 

To see if TikTok ads work best for your business, set a budget you want to use before you start. Split this budget up evenly between your different ads, and start running them. Once your budget has run out, take a look at your tracking methods to see if the ads are giving you the returns that you find valuable. You can also use this time to compare the different ads and see which videos and copy worked well with your audience.

Hook the viewer

One of the most important parts of a TikTok ad is the hook because it is the part of the video that will grab the attention of the viewer. The best hooks should gain the viewer’s interest in the first 3 seconds of the video. You can create a hook that is visual or verbal. No matter what you choose for your hook, it should flow well into the problem you are trying to solve.

Address a problem

Everyone has problems and pain points, so the best way to relate to viewers is to address a problem in your ad. This problem should be something that your business or product can solve or help them with. Once you have identified the problem you will be focusing on in your ad, make sure you are presenting it in a relatable way. The more people who can relate to the problem, the more people will pay attention to the ad.

Sell your business as the solution

Once you have identified and explained the problem, you need to sell your business or product as the solution. This should be the part you already know the most about! Explain how you can address the problem, and show proof if you can. Give as many details as you can about how the product works, how long it will take to solve the problem, etc. For the best ads, focus on showing your viewers rather than just telling them.

Strong call to action

Like with other forms of business marketing, you need to end your TikTok ads with a strong call to action. This should direct the customer on how they can have the same experience that you showed in the ad. The call to action could be visiting your e-commerce website, making a specific purchase, subscribing for text/email lists, etc. Make sure that anyone who views your ad understands what the next step should be.

Pick the right sounds

On TikTok, sounds are used to help make videos more interesting. And once the sounds get popular (i.e. once they’re used in more and more videos), TikTok uses them as a part of the algorithm to push videos out to more viewers. When creating your ads you should consider using trending sounds to help make your videos more interesting and follow the natural pattern of the app. The less your ad feels like an ad and the more it feels like a normal FYP (for you page) video, the more likely they are to keep watching and see what you have to say.

Switch up your content

Users will get bored if they are seeing the same ads over and over. So, the best way to create ad campaigns is to have multiple videos paired with multiple copy options to create several variations that users will see. Using 3 videos with a couple of different copy options is a great place to start. This method can also help you test what content your target audience likes to see on TikTok ads.

Tracking your ads

Once you create your ads, you should continue to track them to see if they are helping you reach your goals. To evaluate if the cost of the ads are worth it for your business you will want to focus on Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Click (CPC).

Your CTR will show you the percentage of people seeing your ads that click on the link that is attached to the ad. This helps you gauge how well your ad is resonating with the audience that is viewing it and if it is effective. Ideally, your CTR with TikTok ads should be above 0.5%.

Your CPC will show you the amount that each click is costing you with your ads based on how much you paid to run them vs. how many people are clicking on the attached link. This will help you to understand if your ads are a good investment for your business. Your CPC with TikTok ads should be about $1.

Creating organic videos

When creating ads you should also put thought into your organic videoes (i.e. the “regular” videos on your feed). Your regular TikTok feed provides an opportunity to connect to your audience on a deeper level than you can in an ad. Posting regular organic content on your TikTok will help you gain a relationship with your audience, and it’s also a great way to participate in trends and show your business’s personality.

TikTok for your e-commerce business

Successful e-commerce businesses utilize marketing to help grow their audience. TikTok is a natural avenue for this growth due to its large user base. 18% of all users on the internet visit TikTok, providing a large opportunity for your business. Using these tips and sprinkling in some organic content will help you build a TikTok ads strategy for e-commerce that will propel your business to new heights. 


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