Black Friday – Are you Sales Ready?

Its coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday!…. Two of the biggest days on the Retail and online calendar!


When and are you ready…

Black Friday Australia 2023 falls on November 24, with Cyber Monday on November 27.


Plan & prepare, don’t just wing it

Black Friday was born at retail; Cyber Monday was the online world’s answer. So, in the beginning, you’d hit the stores on Friday, then hit cyberspace on Monday.

Now, Black Friday is as much an online event as it is a brick-and-mortar one — arguably even more so.

But it doesn’t really go the other way: Brick-and-mortar sales typically run on Friday and that’s it. Cyber Monday is exclusively an online event

Black Friday offers you a fantastic opportunity to make a lot more sales of your products online simply due to the collective hype. In order to benefit from this, you must be prepared and ensure that your inventory stocks are high enough to cope with the additional demand.

Focus on what works, instead of what doesn’t.

One of the biggest reasons E-Commerce Business owners do so well with Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales is because they have invested their marketing energies consistently over the year building up new audiences, customers. Brand Awareness and Brand Affinity. If you think you can just discount on Black Friday! THINK AGAIN!


Black Friday is essentiality a LIVE EVENT you need to find hooks to get people listening to your offers as they go live.

And you need to know how to drive engagement on your page ( we teach all those in the Mastermind wink 🙂

But seriously some simple tips.

  • Do a Live video on your facebook page before the big days and on the big days
  • Build your email list and Many Chat subscribers
  • Send out pre-sale Email and ensure your customers know that Black Friday is coming and they need to be ready for your brand.
  • Use Facebook  and Google Re-targeting and put some budget behind it


Whilst you are driving traffic to your store over the days leading up to and even after listed are some tactics to help increase your sales.

Create Pre-Sale Buzz – Instead of hitting customers with an offer on the day (like everyone else will), plant the seed a week before and have a couple of pre-sale emails to wet their appetite, then use the increased traffic to get people onto your list, even if they don’t buy.

Always Add Value – Don’t be tempted to spam customers with discount offers. Just because it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean to say people will buy it and you will damage your brand. Get them to open your emails because it will interest them”.

Announcing Black Friday Cyber Monday sale: You can send details of the sale ahead of time to existing subscribers, and a reminder email when the sale officially begins.

Electronic Direct Marketing – Emails

Target Segments – A 30% off everything is a little lazy and un-targeted. Segment your list in advance and target them based on products they have purchased

Send the last reminder before the sale ends: With the volume of emails sent over BFCM, it can’t hurt to remind subscribers that your sale is almost over to make sure they’re aware. Plus, you’ll inevitably get some procrastinators jumping on the expiring deals

Exclusive sale for email subscribers: One way to capture attention in a crowded BFCM inbox is to send a deal that’s only available to your list, on top of your publicly-posted deals. Make sure to tease it on other channels, like Instagram, and let people know when to expect the subscriber-only offer.

Sneak-peek of upcoming promotions: Whether your BFCM offer is a discount, an exclusive product, free shipping, donations to charity, or a totally-unique-to-you promotion, start teasing it early to your subscribers so they’re on the lookout for the announcement.

Send emails in the weeks leading up to Black Friday with hints and teasers.

Get your advertising ready now

Create banners and hero images to advertise holiday sales What better way to promote your holiday sales than with gorgeous graphics and visuals? Whether you’re planning to use banner ads to promote your holiday sales or changing the header/hero image on your homepage for Black Friday Cyber Monday, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to get things done.

Email Subject lines: Increase your open rates


Did you know that personalized subject lines can increase open rate by as much as 26%?

Something as simple as adding your subscriber’s name to the subject line can make your email stand out and increase the chances of it being opened.

  • Limited stock
  • Limited Time Only
  • Today Only
  • While Stocks Last
  • Only X number Left
  • Sale Ends At Midnight
  • Last Chance


Use Emojis – Most email providers are capable of displaying emojis, and they really help to make your emails stand out.


 Plan ads and ad copy now not on the day

It’s always a good idea to plan the ads and ad copy you’re about to run for a sale or promotion ahead of time so you can put more thought into copy and ad placement.

Just remember that bids can get more expensive during the competitive holiday season depending on your niche. You may need to increase your bid price on specific keywords or for certain audiences to increase the visibility of your ads during big holiday sales.

Boost posts the right way to create engagement- the week before creating engagement the right way.  **IMPORTANT** This is not pressing the Boosting sales Button

Marketing ideas to drive sales

A secret that is not that well known to drive sales on Black Friday is to offer free shipping on your products.  Customers are expecting a good deal so you can reduce your prices, offer free shipping or do both.

If you have a number of related products bundle them.

You certainly do not want to discount every product on your site; you just want to have a few where you lower the price.

Pick some of the most popular products and knock the price down as much as you can tolerate.

Offer specials on products that usually need accessories (which are not discounted) so that you can upsell at the checkou


  • Create a discount – that appears on every page.
  • Flash the coupon code on all pages
  • Promote it on your social profiles.
  • Create a ‘Black Friday Coupon Codes’ page and optimise it for search rankings.
  • The last thing you want is for your customer to leave your website to search for coupon codes and get snatched away by a competitor.

Look at offering extended returns, so customers feel they have a safety net if they buy something at the Black Friday sales, and your business will be there to support them after the Sale.


Abandon Cart

Set up a separate Abandon cart especially for Black Friday

  • Stack your offer in the emails to get them over the line  * Make the offer too good to refuse.
    • Email 1 –
    • Email 2 –
    • Email 3 –
  • On Black Friday Send your Abandon Cart – Every hour instead of 3-segmented emails.

Remember Black Friday is not only the chance to move products! It is also the opportunity to acquire new customers.



I hope you enjoyed these tips