How to Leverage Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are known to raise brand awareness, promote interest, and upturn engagements all around the world. Influencer Marketing is the quickest way to grow customer acquisition and cultivate productivity in terms of selling.

About 40% of marketers claim they invest in the influencer marketing and 80% out of those have reported the success of this marketing tool and influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere.


Have a few questions if you have never used it previously.

  • Exactly how would I achieve ROI?
  • At which place could I discover influencers and what will be the cost?
  • How long do I need to conduct a fruitful promotion?

In spite of all the confusion, influencer marketing is truly a very stress-free and an easy way to get people to promote one’s business. This is the simple reason for which E-commerce brands are taking advantage of influencer marketing to drive more sales.  Once influencers give their word in favour of your product, you win the confidence of your customers through their help which in turn works marvels in gaining more publicity for your brand.

Let’s first tackle how we measure influencer KPIs
The standard industry metric is Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE); the sum total of likes and comments (not video views) divided by the total cost including influencer and agency fees.

Actually, influencer marketing is a form of social proof, and to a certain degree has a greater effect. Why is this so?

This is because of a simple fact that an influencer has more followers and has won the trust of the audience. But how exactly can you leverage influencer marketing to drive sales for your e-commerce brand?

1) Create a relationship with influencers who communicate to your target market positively.

You must ensure that the influencers, you work with, can boost the purchasing attitude of your customers. This implies the need for you to look for influencers whose followers are from those demographic sections which define your target audience.

2) Ensure influencer create content as social proof.
When influencers create content, it goes a long way to motivate the audience’s responsiveness on social media. In addition, you can take advantage of this content by exhibiting it on your brand pages and in your marketing newsletters and e-mails.
This approach could work successfully so that nearly 56% of customers would probably purchase a product after seeing its photo posted by another customer in an affirmative manner.

In addition, 49% of consumers would be more responsive to buy products that have been endorsed by a respectable personality.

Therefore making use of attractive and expertly produced photographs created by influencers for one’s products can effortlessly increase sales for his or her E-commerce business.

3) Get influencers to share links to your brand pages
There is an absolute necessity to attract traffic to your website so that you can make sales. Influencers are effective means to direct traffic to your site. Once influencers indorse a certain brand or a variety of brand products, ensure they share a link to the related page and not just referring to it.

How and where to find influencers!

Well, the answer is pretty simple Instagram and Facebook. The good news is   Instagram has just done the industry a massive favour by connecting the dots. Instagram’s Paid Partnership tag will allow influencers to directly tag a brand, which in turn gives brands access to rich social insights.

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