The Importance of E-Commerce Packaging

The Importance of E-Commerce Packaging When Selling

E-commerce businesses put their best foot forward to make sales online. But, the unboxing experience is just as important as the online journey. Online stores have fewer touchpoints with the customer compared to retail shopping. So, it is a great idea to go above and beyond with the packaging experience. This makes everything feel more personal. It also completes the product journey for the customer by closing it out with something unique and exciting.

Why does packaging matter?

Custom e-commerce packaging is important for many reasons. Customers have high expectations when packages arrive. Think about it — they’ve had lots of time to wait in anticipation for it to arrive! In addition, consumers have grown to expect a substantial experience when they open their packages. When customers receive packages that are branded and look pretty, it makes the experience more exciting and gives them the feeling that they are a valued customer.

A study even found that the more attractive a package is, the more reward the brain feels. These are the same areas of the brain that already feel rewarded when purchasing online. These feelings of reward when online shopping are what continue to drive consumers to e-commerce shops.

What can packaging do for your e-commerce store?


E-commerce packaging was originally created to help protect items being sent to consumers. The biggest benefit that your packaging will have is keeping your products safe on the way to the consumer. Make sure you are finding packaging that provides adequate protection and will get products from point A to point B without damage.


Custom e-commerce packaging tells a story, whether positive or negative. When you embrace custom e-commerce packaging, it provides for easier brand recognition, and more chances for customers to connect with you as a company. You can evoke emotion in your packaging by including any of these details: how you started, what you want to become, or what makes you different from other brands.


The most recent experience with your customer is going to be the one most fresh on their mind. So, if they have a great experience opening your package, they are going to remember your business in a positive manner. Especially now when customers have a million options, the best way to gain their loyalty is to make their experience with you as unique as possible.


When customers open up a package and have a great experience, this is often something they will share through word-of-mouth.They may even post the packaging online, especially if they have a following or are regarded as an influencer. Having great packaging can help get your company more organic marketing out of its customers.

The rise of unboxing

Some of the most popular content, specifically on video platforms, are unboxing videos. This is when a consumer will buy a product and film themselves opening the packaging and showing what they ordered. Sometimes the customer will test out the products, but many times they are just speaking about the packaging and the experience of opening the item.

This trend in particular has continued the push for aesthetically pleasing packaging that creates an experience for consumers who order online. Other consumers will pay attention to these unboxing videos on sites like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to decide what products are worth ordering. Additionally, brands notice that this user-generated content creates great buzz for their products, and this is why many companies send PR samples to celebrities and online influencers.

Types of e-commerce packaging

Packaging is important not only for aesthetics but also for function. There are several types of packages including boxes, padded mailers, bags, and even custom packaging. It’s all about finding out what works best for your e-commerce business.

Boxes are often used because they are sturdy and durable, while bags are used for things that are smaller and not fragile. Padded mailers are great for smaller, but more breakable items. Every product has ideal packaging and it might take some trial and error to find out what works best for you.

Custom e-commerce packaging

Once you have the basics of packaging down, one of the best things you can do for your business is to create custom e-commerce packaging. This will help customers be able to recognize your brand more easily and generate excitement when they receive your package in the mail.

Colors and logo

Your brand colors and logo are the most easily recognizable to customers. Make sure these are prominent and easy to see. It will help customers keep your brand in mind and equate it to the great experiences they will have with your product.

Personalized messaging

Any copy within your packaging should match that of your brand voice online. You want to make the process seamless for customers and help them feel an emotional connection to the brand. Tell a story with your writing that is personalized to your business and relate it to the consumer.

Custom inserts

Inserts can serve many purposes, but some of the most common are thank-you notes, promotions, or custom messages to the customer. If it is feasible for your business, including the customer’s name on their insert will help them to feel special and connected to the brand. Additionally, things, like thank you notes and promotions, can increase the likelihood that they will become a repeat customer.

Next Steps To Take

The best next step you can take is to invest in your e-commerce packaging. This will drastically increase your chance to get repeat customers and word-of-mouth recommendations. Create useful packaging that is personal to your customers and your business. Happy unboxing!

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